Scene & Herd
Creative Collaborators: Photo | Video



Scene & Herd is Simon Shackleton and Chele Gutek.


We continually challenge ourselves to push our limits and create intelligent and thought provoking pieces that tell a story by combining photography, video and sound. Chele has a passion for storytelling, a love for learning and a background in the Los Angeles commercial film industry. Simon has a passion for photography and a love of documenting place and space, which he often has as he traveled around the world in his career as a music producer and DJ. Utilizing our combined skills in music, video and photography as well as our interest and knowledge of art, nature, and the human element our next project is to provide an immersive event that provokes thought and creates positive change and action. 

Simon Shackleton studied Music and graduated from the University of Exeter (UK) with a Dean’s Commendation. He went on to run several award-winning electronic music labels and became an international DJ/Producer headlining festivals and traveling the globe for many years. He has seen his music licensed to over 40 movies and TV shows. His love and passion for photography and documenting the serenity of ‘the moment’ emerged in his late teens and he’s recently developed a professional practice focusing on landscapes, composites and architectural pieces. 

Chele Gutek graduated from the University of Colorado having studied acting and writing, and graduated summa cum laude from Brooks Institute in Ventura with a film production degree. She has worked in Los Angeles as both a freelance videographer and in the production department on commercial film shoots since 2005. Her love for story is a driving factor in everything she creates and, in addition to writing novels in her spare time, she is more than excited to pair up with Simon Shackleton in creative collaboration.