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Chandler's Cocoa

Beautiful handmade chocolates using fresh, natural ingredients, including their own soy-free speciality chocolate range. 


Starbucks - Happy 2017

A short visual thanks to the employees at the Westminster, Colorado Starbucks.


Piece of Me - Simon Shackleton Music

The official music video for the first single off of Simon Shackleton's 'Piece of Me' album. 



Simon Shackleton - What Is The One Series?

Simon Shackleton's One Series nights are deep and compulsive journeys, seamlessly blending, morphing & building throughout the night to create something far greater than the sum of its parts. His open-hearted sets tell stories on a grand scale, provoking emotion and movement in equal parts, whilst he revels in the journey alongside a devoted and passionate crowd.



Beta Nightclub - Simon Shackleton's The One Series

A recap of the One Room, One DJ, All Night event at the world famous Denver based club. 



Ojai Style - Tegan Artist Profile

Video piece used to enhance sales of artist pieces via Ojai Style online art sales website. 




Fantastic Hosts presents - The Light Fantastic

An evening full of visual fascination with installations and creations all influenced by light. 



The Fantastic Hosts - Garden of Earthly Delights

The Fantastic Hosts celebrate the arrival of Spring with a phantasmagoria of sensory extravagance inspired by the work of Hieronymous Bosch. It's a garden party. And a celebration of light art.



Ojai Style - Adrianna

Used to enhance sales by individual artists via Ojay Style, an online art sales website. 



Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret - Naughty Pierre's Comedy Extravaganza

A complete overview of the show to let clients know what they'll get upon hire. 



The Brown Elvis and Mental - John Digweed Warehouse Experience

John Digweed Warehouse Experience - brought to you by The Brown Elvis and Mental 69 (Whirling Dervish Productions). John Digweed, Chris Fortier, Marshall Monica, and Greg Eversoul Song:Stelios Vassiloudis "Son of Mars" - Bedrock Music (Used with permission of Bedrock)